Saturday, 9 August 2014

Bare Minerals Ready To Go Complexion Perfection Palette // Review


Hope you are all having a lovely weekend!

I was recently contacted by Chemist Direct to review one of the products off of their website. After 30 minutes of browsing, i picked the Bare Minerals Ready To Go Complexion Perfection palette. I have wanted to try some of the Bare Minerals range for a while but i never knew which product to try first, so after reading the description of the Ready To Go palette, it sounded perfect.

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The Ready To Go kit is great if you are looking to try out mineral make up as in the kit you receive 5 Bare Minerals products to try (Foundation, Concealer, Bronzer, Highlighter and a Face Powder), two make up brushes and it is all held in a lovely little make up clutch/bag.

The products are housed in a rectangle palette which is held via magnets in the make up clutch. This is a pretty cool idea as once you have finished with the make up, you can still use the make up bag. Its a perfect size for work and is just big enough to carry a few essentials in. It took me a while to realise that the palette was magnetic and i originally thought that i'd ripped the palette out by mistake!

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So, onto the products. As i previously mentioned, there are five products in the palette. A foundation, concealer, bronzer, highlighter and a face powder.

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First up is the foundation, now unfortunately the foundation is a shade too dark for me (boo!). I applied it thinking that it may look different when applied, but alas it didn't so out came the face wipes! Even though the shade was totally wrong for me, the way it applied to the skin was lovely - very soft, blendable and it gave a nice natural 'my skin but better' finish. One thing which made me slightly hesitant about using mineral make up was simply applying it, i always thought that blending a powder foundation would probably be more difficult than a fluid liquid foundation. After all my doubts, i actually found it easier than i thought! I'd recommend not loading your brush up too much, and just building the coverage slowly. Even though the shade was too dark, i did find the foundation easy to apply and loved the finish.

Next up, concealer. Concealer is my favourite part of make up of my make up routine, i often have late nights cooped up in bed watching YouTube and before i know it its midnight and i have to be up at 6.30am, oops! As you can tell, concealer is a necessity. I found this concealer to be very creamy, easy to blend and it covered any blemishes very well. I didn't apply this under my eyes as it is slightly thick in consistency so could possibly go a little cakey under the eyes. However, on spots and blemishes it worked a treat!

The bronzer is this palette is absolutely gorgeous. I love it so much, i'm trying to only use it for special occasions! The shade is very pigmented so only a little is needed to create a lovely contour and the bronzer is on the cooler side which means there is little chance of turning into an oompa loompa! Much like the foundation, this blends like a dream.

The one product that my eyes were drawn to once i opened the palette was the luminizer, i've got a bit of a thing with highlighters at the moment and this one set my heart alight. This isn't a highly glossy or shimmery highlighter, it simply gives you a natural glow which instantly lifts your face. I apply this mainly over the top of my cheek bones and then with what ever is left on the brush, i quickly sweep over my blush to give me an extra bit of radiance. Again, this applies smoothly and leaves a beautiful glow.

The final product in the palette is the Touch Up Veil, or to you and me - a face powder. Face powder is an everyday essential for me, firstly applied in the morning and also throughout the day. The Touch Up Veil is a very good description of this product, it literally covers over any imperfections and gives them a little bit of extra coverage. This also keeps shine at bay, i applied it in the morning and needed a touch up by lunchtime - which is pretty good by my standards and considering we were in the midst of a heatwave whilst i was trialling this! I've also been using this on days when i don't fancy wearing foundation and just need a little bit of coverage.

You also receive two of the Bare Minerals brushes with this palette. The brushes are lovely and soft but unfortunately were tossed aside and i use my beloved Real Techniques brushes as i do with all my make up.

I'm very impressed with my first step into mineral make up and i may pay a visit to the Bare Minerals counter at my local Debenhams soon...

Have you tried Bare Minerals make up, any recommendations?

P.s. After reading this review back, it almost seems like a sponsored post - but i promise it isn't! I was simply given this to review, no strings attached!

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Garnier Cleansing Micellar Water // Review

I've become slightly obsessed with Micellar waters, firstly i tried the elusive Bioderma (which naturally, i loved!), next i trialled Vichy's offering (which i liked, but i found it irritated my skin slightly...) and most recently i've been using Garnier's offering.

Incase you are not upto scratch on Micellar waters, i'll give you a quick lesson. Micellar solutions contain 'micelles' which latch onto make up and impurities and gently lift them from your skin. Leaving your skin, soft and hydrated. Micellar waters work very well for me as my skin has recently become quite sensitive, and as micellar waters are more pure than traditional make up removers they work very well on my skin as the formulas are very gently and they don't agitate it at all.

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The Garnier Micellar Water was one product which i've heard raved about from pillar to post. After using the last drop of my Bioderma, i wanted to see what the likes of Boots/Superdrug had to offer and Garnier's rendition seemed to fit the bill. It didn't take me long to find it on the shelf, with a bright pink top and a humongous bottle - it definitely looks pretty impressive and you feel like you are getting your moneys worth due to its large size! Rather optimistically the bottle states that you can get '200 uses' out of the 400ml bottle, i'm not too sure whether you can get 200 uses as that is approx 7 months use but i do think that this would last a long time. I've been using it for about 2 months and i've only used a small amount as you can see.

I use the Garnier Micellar Water just as i would with any other, i take a cotton pad and soak it with the water then simply glide it over my face to thoroughly remove any make up. It removes make up with ease, even mascara/eye liner is removed rather swiftly with this stuff! After using this, my skin is left feeling soft, hydrated and not irritated in the slightest.

Have you tried Micellar Waters before? Which is your favourite?

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Summer Fashion Haul // ASOS, Miss Selfridge & Topshop

A couple of months ago the english weather started to get a little warmer (by 'warmer' i mean above 15 degrees...) and it soon became apparent that my wardrobe was full of woolly jumpers, leggings and winter ready items. In a moment of mad panic i made a cuppa (priorities), made a hasty order on ASOS and was wearing summer ready items the next day. I spent an eye watering amount on ASOS but i did send a lot of it back, and was left with some great versatile pieces that will see me through summer. I also picked up a few bits from Topshop and Miss Selfridge. Miss Selfridge are seriously onto of their game at the moment, so definitely check them out if you're looking to top up your wardrobe.

A lot of the items i bought from ASOS were from the ASOS Collection, which i think is the best part of ASOS. Everything is very much on trend and affordable too.

Aswell as writing a blog post on my purchases i've also filmed a YouTube video on them too, so if you fancy watching me waffle on about fashion then here is the video. If you enjoyed it, please subscribe!

I don't think i have ever wrote a fashion haul on my blog before, so here we go! I hope you get some summer fashion inspiration from this post.

ASOS Top in Peach (link)
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I love the style of boxy tops, so when i saw this on ASOS i decided i needed it. The peachy colour is really flattering and looks gorgeous with a tan. Its such a versatile piece which you can dress up or down, which is why i bought it for holiday and also for work.

ASOS Flightplan Sandals (link)
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Buying sandals on the high street is more or less impossible for me as i have such teeny tiny feet (UK Size 2/3) and shops tend to only stock size 4 and higher. So, i regularly turn to ASOS for my shoe needs. These tan sandals are perfect for spring and summer, they are really comfy for walking around and look great too.

New Look via ASOS Boxy Tee (link)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic Another boxy top! I saw this white one on ASOS and thought this would be very versatile for summer and work. At just £14.99 its a real bargain and it also comes in a variety of colours too, which i may be perusing as i type...

New Look via ASOS Kimono (link)
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I've been after a kimono for ages but i didn't want a flowery one so i found this black and white aztec printed one which looks great with a pair of denim shorts and a simple top for summer evenings. Kimonos are such a great piece to throw over the top of a simple outfit to add a little something extra.

ASOS Shorts with Scallop Hem (link)
I apologise for the rubbish photo - taking photos of black shorts is harder than it would seem...
Image and video hosting by TinyPic I practically lived in these shorts throughout the evenings of my holiday. They are black, so match any top i decided to wear. The unusual scalloped hem gives the shorts a much softer look and is more flattering for your legs too.

ASOS Stripe Bikini Top (link)
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Everytime i go on holiday i buy a new bikini, not that i really need anymore! This time around i fancied a classic striped one. This bandeau one from ASOS fits really nicely and is a great price too. It also comes with shoulder straps but i took these off.

Miss Selfridge Blue Baroque Floral Print T Shirt (link)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic This was an item which i picked up last weekend. Its slightly more cropped than i tend to go for but it makes a nice change and the length is great for summer to wear with shorts or skirts. The colour is quite an unusual mix, a combination of lilac and light blue which isn't something that i tend to go for.

Topshop Raglan Stripe T Shirt (link)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic I'm always after casual daytime t-shirts, you know something that you can just throw on at the weekend with a pair of jeans. This topshop tee fits the bill perfectly, it fits really well and is a pinch at just £16!

Topshop Dress - This was in the sale and seems to have disappeared from the Topshop website...
Image and video hosting by TinyPic I found this in the Topshop sale and thought it would be perfect for work and just everyday wear. The fit and flare skirt part is really flattering too and whilst the blue colour isn't usually something that I'm drawn to, i think it makes a nice change.

H&M Peach Statement Necklace
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I'm not usually one for wearing a lot of jewellery but i wanted something that i could wear with my boxy style tops. I saw this in H&M and thought that this would be great, its more simple than other statement necklaces that i've seen but it still adds that extra something to an otherwise simple ensemble.

So, that is all my summer items which i've bought recently. Perhaps i need to go on a bit of a spending ban now! Hope you are all having a good weekend, monday rolls around far too quick for my liking!!

P.s. What do you think of my new blog design? The wonderful Steph from Bonjour Belle Designs created it for me and i love it. If you are looking for a great, quick and affordable designer i'd highly recommend Steph - She's awesome!